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So that your stay unfolds as you wish, let's talk about it before your arrival! Whether it's a half-day, a day or a longer stay, individually or in small groups, every detail count.


We are locals and know this region intimately, allowing us to create a very personalised stay or itinerary, totally adapted to your needs and requirements and ensure you a unique experience. Present on site or never very far, we look after you and your well-being from the beginning to the end of your stay. It also means that we are your principal contact, no intermediary!

We visit all the places you will discover and the links we have created with our service providers, our partners and the guides that accompany you, ensures that everything is up to your expectations. And, in order to take full care of you, we recommend a chauffeur-driven transport, but also because we love to embellish your journey with little surprises along the way.


We are also at your disposal to advise you on other regions in Switzerland where we work with partners in Graubünden and Ticino. On request, we also organize the continuation of your trip worldwide.


Dominique Pavillon


I was born and bred in this wonderful country and grew up amongst the vineyards of Lavaux. However, I studied abroad where I graduated from the London College of Management.


As a passionate traveller, loving the good things in life, like gastronomy and wines, I worked for many years in a prestigious English wine club, organising for its members, wine tours in the most iconic wine regions in the world and met amazing people from the wine world, allowing me to acquire a great experience in this field and all that goes with it!


On my return to Switzerland, I naturally founded Romandie Découvertes in the same spirit as this club, but focusing on my country and its local products, mainly its vineyards, its vines and the local gastronomy, which will be our threads to plan your bespoke routes. I am a true believer that the pleasure of the table create links.


Today, certified in Wine Tourism, I have surrounded myself with people who, like me, love their country and all its particularities! As the true purveyors of all that elicits passion and the good things in life, let us introduce you to our Romandie, eager to make you discover the different facets of this enigmatic land.


So do not hesitate to contact us for a unique experience!


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